People & the Beach

Sometimes the behaviour, decisions and actions of our fellow man can turn a naturally beautiful beach setting into a dangerous and even life threatening one. 

It's very easy to get caught up in the beach atmosphere thinking everyone is just as carefree as you are and we do tend to let our guards down. That's ok, really. It's no fun never trusting anyone or worrying about approaching strangers. But keep your wits about you, use some common sense and pay attention to any beach rules you see.

If we all play our part we can keep beaches safer and much more enjoyable for everyone


Is there anything worse than finding a buried dirty nappy/diaper in the sand?  Or broken glass to cut yourself on?

Please take all trash to bins provided which helps keep the area clean and safe for all.

Dog Mess

Dog Mess is the only thing worse than a dirty nappy.  Not only is it a health hazard on the beach, but it can contribute to ecoli being present in the water.

Please pick up after your dog and don't rely on the tide to wash it away.

Criminal Activity

Pickpockets and thieves love beaches but there are easy steps to take to protect yourself from unwanted attention.

1. Only take with you what you really need.

2. Try to keep valuables out of sight and don't leave valuables unattended. Have someone stay with them at all times

3. Thieves often work in groups. If you find a group of people causing a scene to distract you, forget them and watch your belongings. Distraction techniques can be quite convincing. Don't get fooled.

4 If you must take mobile phones to the beach, keep them tucked away out of sight. 

5. Keep your purse/wallet in a separate place to other belongings. Don't keep everything in the same bag.

6. If you have a passport with you, keep it in a back trouser/shorts pocket rather than a bag.

Children & Teenagers

Children have a knack of creating unsafe situations on beaches so it pays to keep your eyes peeled.  

Nothing worse than taking a stroll and finding yourself in A&E after tripping on the pot hole dug by children making can happen!  Parents could help fill these holes in before they leave.

Kids also seem to like throwing sand and pebbles.

Large groups of teenagers can be intimidating to some people. Teenagers are also keen on setting each other dares and challenges, many of which are dangerous.  Best course of action is to stay away from groups of teenagers.

Unsociable Activities 

People like to party on the beach and a lot of the time that means alcohol is involved. Large groups of drunk people, night time and beaches is not always a great combination.

If you must be involved don't go swimming as alcohol impairs your ability to judge distances and also slows reactions.

Some drug users may also take to the beaches at night. Be aware that discarded needles could be present on the sands and although the risk of serious infection is rare, it still is not pleasant to have that kind of exposure, especially for children.

If you do find needles on the beach please contact the police.

Tombstoning is the jumping into water from great height. This is very dangerous and many children have either died or have been seriously injured attempting jumps.

-Tides are ever changing and can mean the water is shallower than expected

-Rocks and other objects can be submerged.

-Strong currents cannot be seen

-The shock of cold water can stop you swimming

Human Activities

Humans like to socialise, play games and engage in many different activites especially on the beach when the sun is shining but they don't always take others into consideration.

Be aware of 

- sports equipment such as frisbees and balls.

- the movement of boats and equipment across the sands

- the spraying of suntan lotions

- bbq smoke

- kites and other flying objects