Beach Safety:
Stay Happy & Keep Safe

Why do I need to worry about Beach Safety?

Why bother with 'beach safety' you may ask.

Well, it can be easy to see a beach as Paradise - just a bit of fine sand with the occasional gentle wave breaking onto it; hardly something to get worried about, is it? But, no matter what time of day it is or the time of year it's a good idea to arm yourself with a little knowledge and be prepared for anything untoward that may or may not occur.

Being on the beach is often central to holidaying home or abroad and we spend a great deal of time on them whether we swim or not. It's so easy to get caught up in the bliss and excitement and forget that beaches can actually be quite dangerous places.

Did you know that some beaches have patches of quicksand that you really don't want to get caught in when the tide is rising?  Or what time of year do the local jellyfish breed and come to shallow waters?

Statistics show that those who go to the beach armed with information such as tide times, where it is safe to swim, any local risk factors (you don't need to worry about Great White Sharks in the English Channel) etc,  you are less likely to be involved in a serious incident.

Beaches don't have to be scary places so keep yourself informed so you can make the most of beaches far and wide.



Areas of Safety

The following areas are dedicated to bringing you the best general safety information I can find and are divided up into easy to reference sections.

But do seek out the local information centre or beach management centre at the place you're visiting to get specific local information.