Beach Poetry, Quotes & Literature

Well written beach poetry will stir the imagination and instantly whisk you away to savour memories of a favourite holiday spot or just somewhere you hope to be one day.

Throughout history poets and writers have been captivated by the seas and oceans and there have been hundreds and hundreds of poems and quotes written about them. The seas, oceans and beaches often inspire us to pick up pen and paper and write beautiful, mysterious or sometimes haunting poetry.  There is something about the waves and the sand; it's mesmerising, romantic, even enticing yet still it holds mystery and is often foreboding.

The beach means something different to all of us.  Whether its a reminder of happy childhood days splashing in rock pools or building sandcastles or of romantic walks under sun kissed palms with a loved one, many of us have special memories that some poetry is able to awaken.

Some of the poems I've selected certainly brought back wonderful memories for me and I hope they can do the same for you too. There are far too many for me to list them all here, but I've included some of my favourites and others that are very well known.

A - Z of Beach Poetry



Not forgetting Sayings and Quotes, which are often sources of inspiration.


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