Beach Essentials for a Perfect Sun Kissed Day

Time to pack those beach essentials!

Sun kissed, lazy days on the beach are so inviting and relaxing and are the perfect way to spend some quality time on holiday or out for the day with family, friends or a special someone.

Whether you like to kick back and soak up the sun all day with a good book or opt for a more energetic, sports filled fun fest, you will want to be prepared so you need to pack some beach essentials.

There is nothing worse than arriving at the beach and realising you’ve forgotten something all important. You then have to take time out of your perfect day to nip to the shops or back home again, perhaps spending extra cash and causing you to feel stressed before the day really gets started. 


Don’t let this happen to you!


I’ve made a list of my all important beach essentials for your beach bag and a few optional extras so you can enjoy a full, uninterrupted day at the beach with everything you need on hand.

Click through each one to find reviews of my top picks.


My Top Beach Essentials

  • The Bag

Functional, practical or downright fashionable – which beach bag will do the job and still look fabulous?

Can't go wrong with a wide-brimmed hat

  • A Hat

A wide brimmed hat is the best way to protect your face, shoulders, eyes and hair from the sunshine’s powerful ultraviolet rays.

  • Sunscreen

A good sunscreen will be used over and over again. It should offer great protection from the sun’s rays and be water resistant but which one is right for you?


  •  A Mat or Blanket

If you want to keep your towel for drying only, then taking along a beach mat or blanket is a good idea, especially if you’re in a group.

  • A Towel

Whether you need a towel to lie on or dry with, there are 100s of designs and styles to choose from. But which towels are the best?


There are 100s of different towels to choose from

  •  Cash/Money

It’s always handy to carry a bit of cash. Ice Creams come to mind!

  • Shade

If you are planning a full day on a sunny beach some shade might be a good idea, especially between 12pm and 2pm.

One piece or two piece?

  • Swim Costume

One piece or two piece? Does your beach wear really matter?

  • Food & Drink

Not everyone wants to leave the beach to go eat, so what’s the best way to take food and drink to the beach? And which foods won’t get too sandy?


  • Spritzer/Spray Bottle

A mist of water from a spray bottle is a good idea when the sun is beating down on you. 

Where else can you get away with Snazzy glasses?

  • Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from sun glare on the water. 


  • Talcum Powder

You may not have kids with you but talcum powder is a fantastic item to take along with you.


  • Flip Flops/Sandals

These are great for a paddle in the sea especially if the shore is lined with pebbles. 

  • Reading Material

You can’t kick back and relax without a good book

Of course there are so many other things that you can take with you to make your day running smoothly and we all have our own personal choices too. And not forgetting that a day out with children or babies will entail a whole different set of priorities.