Beach Activities that make Your Days Special

One way that beach loving is good for us is by getting us out and about sampling some beach activities. Whether it be gentle strolls along the cliff tops, roller-blades along the sand paths or a jog along the shore, all that fresh sea air is good for your body, mind and soul! And the exercise does us the world of good too.

 If you are anything like me, you have been to the beach in the past, sat down, had a paddle, build a sandcastle and then thought “Now what can we do for the rest of the day that won't cost the Earth?” 

I have found myself  in this position simply because I neglected  to really think about what beach activities the family would do on the beach prior to taking the trip. I guess I thought the sea and sand themselves were enough to keep the family occupied for the day.

Taking some time out to pre-plan your day at the beach can go a very long way to making that day really special,  especially when it means you can take things from home that you might need with you, although the less to carry the better. 

A good quality, large beach bag is always a good idea though.


There are a whole host of beach activities that are suitable for both on the sands and in the sea and cater for everyone, young and old. No matter whether you are on a day trip, a holiday or live close by there is something for everybody, even the hard-to-please teenagers!

 I have created a fairly comprehensive list of beach activities

Some are all effort sporting activities, such as volleyball or football. Others are more suitable for young children, such as making sand angels or building sand castles. Who am I kidding? I love making sand castles too! Some need additional props, some need a little imagination only and then there are the ones that require only items from the beach itself, such as a hand full of pebbles or shells.  (I particularly enjoy these types of activities because the foraging for props is as good fun as the actual game.) 

There are symbols next to the beach activities that will give you an idea of what each one might need or involve, such as Water Game or Sand Games.   

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