Minerals are the seaside come in many forms...we can absorb them through our skin from the sea air and when swimming. 

Just one lung full of sea air can leave us feeling relaxed and peaceful. This is because there are negatively charged ions in sea air that then attach to our lungs, speeding up our ability to absorb oxygen and helping to create the right serotonin levels in our brains. Serotonin is largely responsible for moods and stress.

Another phenomenon associated with being by the sea is the sound of the waves. Subconsciously, these wave sounds help to regulate our own 'wave' patterns in the brain, and can lull us into a deeply relaxed state of well being, which is why day trippers and holiday makers all feel so relaxed and tired after a day at the seaside....they just aren't used to it.

There are a myriad of apps and sound clips available with the sound of the waves, that you can listen to whilst reading, in the bath or even when going to sleep and I often have found them to be very helpful when I might have trouble sleeping.

I have reviewed a few below.

From the sand......foot love

From the foods found in the sea or near the sea such as seaweeds, buckthorn berries, samphire also known as sea asparagus, shellfish and other fish.

Sea Water contains many vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and micro-organisms that all combined can give our immune systems a healthy boost. Many of the deposits in sea water also contain antibiotic and antibacterial properties, which can help healing. Psoriasis, for example, benefits from sea water treatments.

Of course, we are not all lucky enough to live very close to warm, tropical waters and taking advantage of all that free, natural goodness isn't so easy but if you are up for a dip in bracing waters, the benefits are wonderful.

For those of us who can't bear a swim in cold seas, a good paddle is better than nothing. So get those trousers rolled up, and wade ankle deep for half an hour or so.  It is worth the effort.

None of us need to miss out though. Buy in some good quality sea salts and add them to your bath and hair rinse. There are many different kinds and many people swear by Dead Sea salts because the mineral content is higher however normal sea salts are better than none if you can't get a hold of or afford Dead Sea.

Sea salts contain

Sodium aids the input of nutrients and the expelling of waste.

Calcium for healthy bones and teeth. It is also an excellent cleanser.

Potassium is beneficial to muscles and the skin

Magnesium. Cell growth and metabolism

Bromides for antibiotic help

Iodine essential for thyroid health and is largely missing from our diets these days. Giving babies iodine enriched sea salt baths goes a long way to protect them from a whole host of problems including asthma, allergies and skin conditions.

Pregnant women who swim in the sea benefit from many many health boosts. It helps to relief aches and pains of pregnancy. It boosts thyroid hormones, which is passed onto baby. It strengthens muscles ready for labour. The minerals help to prevent stretch marks  (I have 5 children and no stretch marks whatsoever) Swimming in general is good exercise but pregnant woman should try to avoid chlorine pools as much as possible, and try find a salt water pool instead.