About Me

The beach and seaside living has always fascinated me ever since that very first holiday with my parents many many MANY years ago. I grew up in a small Yorkshire village approximately 70 miles from the East and West coasts of England so I was ever so lucky being able to take many day trips as well as family holidays a bit further afield. 

My brother and I would spend hours and hours building sandcastles and we never seemed to tire no matter how many times we ran up and down the beach with buckets of sea water trying to fill the generous moat Dad had scooped out of sand that proudly surrounded our magnificent castle. It was the best feeling!

As children, we never understood why Mum and Dad always seemed to be in fits of giggles during our moat filling escapades but we carried on regardless.  

It wasn't until I watched my own children doing the exact same thing that I too laughed at the inch of water that was left in the bucket by the time they had run all the way from the sea, back up the beach to the sandcastle, and that the inch of water slowly disappeared into the sand as they ran to get the next bucket full.

Today, I watch my Grandchildren do the same thing .....and I will never get tired of watching their happy little faces as they run along the sands.

But......try as they might, that moat never gets filled! :-))

Another thing that has stayed with me through the years is little sandcastle flags. As a child,  I used to look at the people around us who had built sandcastles and thought that theirs looked so much nicer than mine because they were adorned with little paper flags bought from the little beach shop.

My dad would never buy me any saying "Waste of Money". I was so disappointed. A castle seemed so much better with a flag on top!

When my children made sandcastles, I didn't buy any flags either. We never had any spare money for little flags...not if they wanted ice-creams too.

Then, two years ago, when I took my own Grandchildren on holiday, I finally bought myself a little packet of flags that I coveted so much as a child.....a whole 99 pence!

They have pride of place in my craft room now. :-))

Through the years I've visited countless UK and Worldwide beaches and paddled in many seas and oceans and totally fell in love with the whole coastal way of life.  I loved it so much, my Sweetpea and I decided to buy a small hotel overlooking the same beach where I used to play as a child. And my parents now live in a cottage nearby where you can actually throw a pebble into the water from their garden.

Unfortunately, Sweetpea and I had sell our little hotel by the sea as I became too ill to continue but we did have some splendid times there and met some really lovely people.

Now, being ill has forced me to look at how I live my life in closer detail and Sweetpea and I have been forced to look at our lives by the sea in a whole new way. Living by the sea is not just a lifestyle choice any more but a healthy choice. A good dose of beach-side therapy is worth striving for and the last few years have shown me how priceless that therapy can be!

As I am unable to go out to work due to my ill health, I have needed to find some other way to provide me with a small income, and so decided to start this website and share all the beach-y hint, tips and ideas I have gathered through out the years...........and I couldn't have done it without a little company called Sitesell. 

I hope you find my website helpful and interesting. I can't tell you how much fun I've had writing it.....and, of course, the research I have to do makes it so worthwhile :-))

Thank you so much for reading

Sarah...........your Beach Guru.