A Beach Loving Lifestyle is Good for You!

For  beach loving there is nothing quite like the sound of the sea. A gentle wave lapping at the fringe of the beach (and toes!) is both soothing and relaxing. The splashing of the tide as it breaks out of a tumbling wave onto the waiting sands is both comforting and energising.  It is matched only by the invigorating feel of the soft sand sinking beneath my feet as the waves run back to meet deeper waters.

  I  love the beach


I love Beach Loving! 


When I was a child I always looked forward to holidays by the sea and was fascinated by the mix of smells and sounds that have come to be so familiar to me now. But why was it that every time the family visited the seaside, we would all end up feeling so contended and relaxed at the end of each day?  

Of course!  It was magical beach loving therapy!

These days I am lucky enough to live very close to the beach......well within walking distance of 2 or 3 local beaches and have countless others a short drive away so I guess I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to spending quality time on my wellbeing.

Being so close to the beach has given me a little understanding of how therapeutic a beach lifestyle can be and how it can be achieved even if the sea is not as close as you'd like it to be.

All of our five senses are stimulated when we visit beaches and shorelines and this contributes enormously to feeling on top form. Whether it's the sight of shimmering crystal waters in a tropical paradise or the taste of the salty sea spray, our senses play a vital part in our good health and are all boosting our immune system.

The 5 Senses

We can try to mimic beach loving for our senses by a clever use of various products,  which are widely available these days. Products made from sea water and sea minerals can replace the salty waters of the sea quite well. And there are various scrubs and abrasions that mimic soft sand and sandy breezes. Music and sound apps can provide the soothing beach background noise......Lots to choose from!

Whether you want softer skin, a glowing complexion, real anti-ageing properties,  lifestyle change, healthy hair, body and nails or even just a pleasant feeling of being part of the beach lifestyle.....are all achievable when you become beach loving like me! 

There's nothing better than Beach Loving You Factor

Everything about the beach is good for us and can provide us with some much needed therapy from time to time....or to call it by another name some 'Beach-Loving-You-Factor' 


So What is Beach Loving all about?

~ Beach Therapy for your Skin, Hair & Nails.

~ How to get the Perfect Beach Body.

~ Health Benefits of the Beach

~ What is Thalassotherapy?

~ Psychological Beach Living - taking some time away from stresses of work or homelife.

~ Beach Activities - exercise, fun & personal achievements. 

~ Beach Brain Training - for kids & adults.

~ Beach Skills - Beach games and sea games.

~ Beach Arts & Crafts.

~ Beach Design for your Home - Tips on coastal living at home.

~ Beach Style - Swim suits & bathing suits, bags, hats, towels and more!

~ Best Beach Recipes - Grilling recipes, bbq recipes, drink recipes, beach cocktails & more!

Remember...! Beaches can also pose some risks and dangers making it extremely important to take a few minutes out of the day to familiarise yourself with a few safety tips and beach rules.

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I will also show you how you can embrace a seaside lifestyle without being near to the sea by making use of a variety of clever techniques and a bit of imagination.